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Global Rez Noise: ‘G.O.D.’ [ #Galaxy #Orgasm #Dildonics]

Video documentation of live performance art
inside the Old Church Tower (Oude Kerk)
@ GOGBOT “EROTEC” festival 6-8 september 2013
Enschede, The Netherlands.

#GlobalRezNoise live @HardcoreArt @NMFMADA, #Miami 2013.10.20 !

October 20th, 2013
Sunday 6 pm EDT (Miami/New York)
= 5 pm COT (Bogota)
= 22:00 CET (Amsterdam)
= Monday 7 am AEDT (Melbourne/Sydney)
Global Rez Noise: online live performance art “G5 Open Debate”
via Second Life & Google+ Hangouts
at the Hardcore Art Contemporary Space for the MADA New Media Festival, Miami, Florida, USA.
MADA - Miami Art Dealers Association
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Global Rez Noise (GRN)   is a media artist collective with members from Australia, Colombia, New Zealand, The Netherlands and the USA. GRN creates live online performances  while each artist is in her/his own studio at different  corners of planet Earth. Special guests may be invited to participate in GRN live events.

#GlobalRezNoise live @ #GOGBOT 2013

Global Rez Noise performs live via SL inside the 12th Century Church Tower of Enschede (NL):

September 5 – 8 th 2013The Grote Kerk duringGOGBOT  2007

  • 20:00 – 23:00 Thursday
  • 12:00- 00:00 Friday
  • 12:00- 00:00 Saturday
  • 12:00 – 18:00 Sunday  

#GlobalRezNoise presents: ‘G.O.D.’ [ #Galaxy #Orgasm #Dildonics] @ #GOGBOT festival 6-8 sept. 2013 #EROTEC

E N G L I S H :
Global Rez Noise (GRN) will do 3D interactive live and kinky adult shows (18+) via Second Life for a real life audience at GOGBOT 2013 festival. Featuring the most extremely sexualized avatars available in virtual worlds, with live experimental music and a pervy act!
September 6 – 8, Enschede, The Netherlands.
Live show times and more details will be  announced at the GOGBOT Festival and coming up at:
GRM Hercules group.
N E D E R L A N D S :
Global Rez Noise presenteert:  ‘G.O.D. (Galaxy Orgasm Dildonics)’ 
 Global Rez Noise (GRN) doet interactieve kinky 3D live shows (18+) via Second Life  voor een ‘real life’ publiek op het GOGBOT 2013 festival. Experimentele live muziek en een ‘pervy’ optreden door de meest extreem gesexualizeerde avatars uit virtuele werelden!
Meer informatie, show tijden en updates worden aangekondigd op GOGBOT en via
GOGBOT 2013 Festival