online performance art

#GlobalRezNoise live @HardcoreArt @NMFMADA, #Miami 2013.10.20 !

October 20th, 2013
Sunday 6 pm EDT (Miami/New York)
= 5 pm COT (Bogota)
= 22:00 CET (Amsterdam)
= Monday 7 am AEDT (Melbourne/Sydney)
Global Rez Noise: online live performance art “G5 Open Debate”
via Second Life & Google+ Hangouts
at the Hardcore Art Contemporary Space for the MADA New Media Festival, Miami, Florida, USA.
MADA - Miami Art Dealers Association
HACS logo
Global Rez Noise (GRN)   is a media artist collective with members from Australia, Colombia, New Zealand, The Netherlands and the USA. GRN creates live online performances  while each artist is in her/his own studio at different  corners of planet Earth. Special guests may be invited to participate in GRN live events.

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